FUJIKURA Speeder Evolution 464, 569, 661, 757
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Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474 Driver Shafts follows the very popular new Speeder line and is built with maximizing distance in mind.  It uses a new high elastic carbon fiber material that provides a great combination of energy transfer and control.  It is designed for an easier acceleration and launch than the Motore Speeder.

The 474 is made ultra light weight at 46-48grams in weight and has a torque of 5.5.  It is made for the slower swing player and lady golfers to get the maximum distance and control they are looking for. 

Features and Technology

- New highly elastic carbon fiber material for maximum energy transfer.

- New 50t Triax fabric core that helps keep a low weight while enhancing stability throughout the shaft.  (Same Triax technology has been used in Space Sattelites)

- Unique layering of carbon sheets and resin material helps maximize acceleration through impact.

- Active release characteristic that promotes a higher initial launch than the Motore Speeder.


  • Item #: Evo 1
  • Manufacturer: Fujikura

FUJIKURA Speeder Evolution 464, 569, 661, 757

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